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Some delicious seafood recipes using shrimps...

An easy and hearty side salad that takes just minutes to prepare, this Couscous with Chickpeas and Carrots will be a hit no matter when it is served. Tender carrots and chickpeas are tossed with savory, hearty couscous for a salad that can be served hot or cold. Drizzle with olive oil and garnish with chopped parsley for a Mediterranean inspired dish any time!

Falafel is a Middle-Eastern favorite, and these tender baked cakes of ground chickpeas and zesty spices will make any lunch or dinner an Ethnic classic! Enjoy the savory, crispy falafel sandwiches without all the fat; these falafel are baked instead of friend for an instant treat!

A hearty and savory carrot batter bread bursting with flavor. Grated carrots, sweet applesauce and chopped walnuts make this simple carrot bread moist and delicious, and perfect for a healthy and delicious snack any time.

A simple pasta dish that is creamy, delicious, and surprisingly easy to make. Yogurt takes the place of heavy cream sauces and fattening cheeses, and instead imparts a tangy flavor to this simple dish. Ready in just minutes, this is the perfect weeknight dinner, especially when paired with crusty bread and a glass of wine.

A subtle vegetable soup, this creamy pureed dish has the zesty bite of curry but the creamy and tangy flavors of yogurt, making it the perfect side dish to be served along a spicy chicken dish or hearty salad. With pounds of pureed broccoli and cauliflower, this dish isnít just tasty, itís easy and healthy too, so serve it up garnished with yogurt and scallions for an unforgettably hearty meal.

This simple recipe is fantastic for serving at a dinner party and showcasing a hugely underrated fish - the sardine. Sardines are stuffed with cream cheese and herbs before being wrapped in proscuitto and oven-baked until cooked.

Home made macaroni and cheese is better than anything. It is worth the effort! This recipe utilizes crumbles of bacon and chunks of avocado to create a fabulous contrast of flavors. Serves 6.

Sushi is so expensive at restaurants and very impressive at parties. This would be a great and easy way to use avocados and also impress your friends.

This curry is made with a tin of baked beans, some spices and some fresh chilli. Great for serving with rice or even as a topping on a sandwich. This curry would also be delicious served in a wrap with a little bit of chicken - just be imaginative and you'll come up with plenty of ways to serve this.

This is a great recipe for people on Atkins, low carb, high fiber and protein. It has meat but also has a healthy dose of vegetables. Serves 4.
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