Chicken Popregrash

chicken and sourcream, with mushrooms on a bed of rice or can be on a bed of noodles


2 bonless and skin less breasts(cut to bite size pices)
2 cups of sour cream
1 onion(small diced)
3 mushrooms (chopped )
1 tep paprika
1/8 tep salt and pepper
1 cup rice to
2 cups water


saute onions till transperent, in a large soup pot or in a pot were youll be cooking the chicken and sour cream

next add chicken pieaces and allow to turn a little white u may not want them to turn completely white they will still be in the pot for a little longer and you dont want to over cook then

add in the mushrooms and let them get soft but not mooshey

add sour cream and stur till completely mixed in with chicken

add in salt, pepper and paprika mix well
and allow to cook 2 minutes more

take off heat and serve on top of rice or a bed of noddles

Author: charissa ochrach

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